Concerns about the environment are multiplying year after year, and if you’re an individual who wants to make a difference while developing advanced feats of engineering, then a job in renewable energy will be perfect for you. Investment after investment is being funneled into creating a greener environment, meaning that the number of jobs in renewable energy have skyrocketed. Renewable energy is currently booming, and it would be wise for you to get involved as soon as you can.

Whether it’s offshore wind farms, sustainable farming or even hydropower plants, there are hundreds of thousands of unique jobs in renewable energy.

Types of Jobs in Renewable Energy

No matter your experience, there will be a role that suits you and your experience level. From apprenticeships through to senior roles, there are endless opportunities within the renewable energy sector. Initially fronted by specialised engineers and scientists, the industry now has need of a huge range of different abilities and skillsets, with numerous new jobs in the pipeline. 

Job sectors that are currently hiring renewable energy positions include:

  • Business and commercial
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Law
  • IT
  • Science

With many organisations recognising that sustainability is the key to long-term performance, job prospects in the renewable energy sector are looking promising. With that, the following job roles are among the most promising:

Wind Turbine Technician

A Wind Turbine Technician is responsible for maintaining facilities surrounding wind turbines, as well as the turbines themselves. This includes basic cleaning and maintenance on the premises surrounding the wind turbines. This requires attention to safety regulations for the industry and is important for overall safety on the job. People who can perform preventative maintenance activities on wind turbines and associated equipment will become sought-after over the next decade. 

For this position, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent. You can also get a Wind Energy Certificate online to help you get the role. 

Energy Analyst

An energy analyst will be responsible for producing reports on energy use as well as highlighting energy trends. You will add value to the company by supplying vital energy data to improve overall performance. Typically, an energy analyst will need a degree level education in a commercial or business discipline (engineering, architecture, environmental science, finance, economics or business will be beneficial here). If you have a natural flair for analytics and IT, this role might be perfect for you. 

Solar Sales Representative

Want to be part of the bigger picture? A solar sales rep will advise and assist business owners and community leaders (nonprofits, schools, municipalities) through the renewable energy system development and investment process. If you’re talented at establishing, building, and maintaining relationships with clients, then you will thrive as a renewable energy sales representative. You will be responsible for helping organisations achieve a positive economic and environmental return on investment.

Within renewable energy there are many areas for specialism, including solar power, offshore, wind, hydropower, waste and recycling, biomass, piping and more – there is something for everybody!

How to get a job in renewable energy

Renewable Energy Job Skills

The beauty of getting a job in renewable energy is that each role is so incredibly varied. No matter your background, it’s likely that you will find something that works for you. 

If you’re looking for a role in engineering or manufacturing, you will generally need a relevant degree-level education, and a strong competence in mathematics and computing. You will also need a hands on approach and good at noticing small details. 

For a sales role, it helps to have strong knowledge of the renewable energy industry, however, it is completely possible to learn as you go. Sales reps in renewable energy are typically highly organised & have ability to multi-task and set priorities. Strong background in relationship building and business development is also a priority if you’re looking to develop your career.

For other jobs, the exact skills that are needed will be outlined in the job description. Sometimes you will require skills such as first aid training, fire awareness training or even the ability to code in python. Look out for job-specific requirements when searching for your next role.

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