Earlier this month we talked about some of the exciting developments that are happening in the renewables space. Globally there’s been increased investment in this section of the energy sector and we’re seeing more oil and gas giants moving into this area as well. In this environment, the opportunities for individuals to start and develop a fantastic career are rife. So why choose a career in renewable energy?

It’s an appealing sector

In short, there are many reasons. It’s a very rewarding job, particularly as more people are becoming aware of the effects of climate change and keen to support sustainable approaches to energy consumption.

And it’s not only an appealing career path for recent graduates but also those who are currently working in other energy sectors such as oil and gas too. Job opportunities in renewable energy sources including solar energy, wind solar, and offshore wind are opening up all the time – you just need to look at the wealth of jobs on our website to see the evidence.

The reason that there are so many new jobs being created in renewables is simply that there’s more budget being put into developments in sustainable energy. Governments are investing more in renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, with some even offering a tax reduction for those who invest in renewable resources such as solar panels. Globally, the attitude towards the energy sector is changing, and renewables is leading the way.

Lucrative job opportunities

Working in the energy sector will, on the whole, provide you with a good salary and job security. There’s an array of opportunities for individuals to work their way up the career ladder to project manager or other senior roles.

The demand for renewable energies is clear and it will only continue to grow. But specialist skills are in short supply. As a result, for experts with the skills to drive and run renewables projects, there are a wide range of potentially lucrative contract opportunities that could prove significantly rewarding.

Perhaps more importantly, though, lucrative job opportunities are available across a variety of specialisms, not only engineering or niche renewables roles. Job opportunities can be found in production, IT, finance, law, and research to name just a few. There truly is something for everyone in the energy sector.

High demand for work

It’s perhaps no surprise that there’s a real high demand for renewables at the moment as Governments worldwide set out plans to reduce their carbon footprints. There’s already a raft of projects planned for 2021 and we’re certainly expecting to see more pipelined for the longer term.

The energy sector is constantly changing and evolving so we can expect to not only see more demand for work, but also new types of roles be created in the future. So, if you’re looking for a career that is exciting and encourages innovation – where no day is the same – then renewables is certainly an option worth exploring.

Public interest in climate change

There has also been an extensive increase in public interest in climate change. According to a survey from PEW Research Centre, 13 out of 26 countries who were interviewed say global climate change is the top threat to their nation.

People are becoming much more aware of the impact we are making on the environment and the urgent need to find a solution. Ensuring a more sustainable and reliable source of energy is one of the biggest challenges we will face globally over the next century and society’s attitude towards energy consumption is changing as a result.

Consumers are increasingly aware of how their purchasing decisions and lifestyle choices affect the environment. We’ve seen global movements from the public to tackle climate change which will only continue to drive demand for renewable energy sources and, in turn, create more fantastic career opportunities.

A career in renewable energy is personally rewarding

One of the main reasons why you should choose a career in renewable energy is that it’s personally rewarding. You will be involved in projects that will be changing the world as we know it. Renewable energy sources such as solar energy and offshore wind will play a critical role in the future of the world’s energy production.

You can contribute to the production of new, clean, energy sources that reduce emissions and climate change. By aiding in the development and distribution of renewable energies, you will actively by a part of a global movement.

A career in renewable energy really does give you the opportunity to make a difference. Talented people from all sectors can help find a solution to this global crisis – so what are you waiting for? If you would like more information on why to choose a career in renewable energy or further advice, check out our blog section.


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